How to Not Get Looted When Advertising in Rocklin CA

How to Not Get Looted When Advertising in Rocklin CA


Looting is no fun. During disaster zones, you may find yourself getting robbed by looters. Here are a few tips to keep yourself safe. First, don't target looters. It is not your fault that someone has decided to steal from your business. Second, be sure to call your SEO Rocklin from Social Cali Digital Marketing Company if you're unable to pay for the damage yourself.

Why you shouldn't target looters in a disaster zone

In a disaster zone, it's very easy to become a target for looters. There are fewer police officers around, power outages, and general chaos, and business owners are often stranded at home. And, looters aren't even the only ones at risk during these disasters.

While it's easy to sensationalize crime after a disaster, such an approach undermines outsider empathy and willingness to help. According to one study, after Hurricane Katrina, people were less likely to help if the media reported on crime.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your business from looters. For example, you can install a barbed-wire fence in your warehouse. You can also install thorny bushes in front of store windows. Even if you don't have a security budget, you can use hurricane shutters or storm panels to prevent looters from getting in.

Getting robbed by looters in a disaster zone

Californians are worried about shoplifting after recent incidents at malls and other retail locations. A new law, Proposition 47, makes thefts under $950 a misdemeanor. This means that the thief faces little to no punishment. Large marketing retailers are reporting an increase in thefts.

In a recent instance, looters broke into high-end stores in the Union Square area. Social media videos showed masked robbers running out of Louis Vuitton stores. They climbed the display shelf and dragged a large piece of luggage outside. Some of them even ran out of the store carrying armfuls of clothing. Police were able to identify eight suspects and confiscated two cars. In response, Mayor London Breed has made plans to restrict vehicle access to Union Square.

Recovering from looting

There have been several cases in the Sacramento area that have prompted authorities to step in and investigate the matter. One such case involves looting a marketing store that sold clothing. The store, Target on Fulton Avenue, was targeted and the victims have not been identified. The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office says that the store was under Sheriff's Office jurisdiction. There were multiple arrests and investigations, and the suspects were charged with various crimes.

Dealing with looters

Dealing with looters when advertising in the Rocklin CA area can be a daunting task. Looters are persistent, well-organized and willing to break into your business to get what they want. These thieves may ram their vehicle into the storefront or break windows or glass doors to get inside. Sometimes they may even break into your building during non-business hours.